Artists painting their SnowdogSnowdogs by the Sea cam together due to the shared vision, creativity and generosity of people across our city. It offered a unique opportunity for local businesses, the cultural sector, schools, local community groups and individuals to team up to create the city’s biggest ever mass participation, public art event.

Our artists have played a major role in bringing our Snowdogs to life, creating the 44 beautiful Snowdog sculptures which made up our trail.

Brighton & Hove is home to a wealth of artistic and creative talent and many award-winning and nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. We were delighted with the response from the creative community and we were thrilled to work in collaboration with them to showcase and celebrate our city as a vibrant and culturally exciting city.

All unique in style and character our Snowdogs represent the city’s creativity, history and heritage, fashion, architecture and attractions.

Our artists, schools, sponsors and supporters are our official Snowdog super stars, uniting to bring something special to Brighton and Hove for all to enjoy. So we’d like to say a very big thank you to all our artists who have brought our Pack of Snowdogs to life!