Children from Middle St. School Work with “Pinky”

Middle Street pupils with their SnowdogMilly Aylmer, 9, of Upper North Street, had her snow puppy design chosen by fellow classmates who felt hers was the best representation of the school. Milly said: “My favourite subject is art and I especially like drawing flowers and people.  I’m really proud that my design was chosen and the snow puppy is pretty cool too.”

From climbing plants, flowers and a butterfly to a rainbow, sun and bright blue sky, Milly’s design takes its inspiration from nature. Within the clouds, tiny self-portraits of each of the 200 Middle Street Primary School pupils can be seen.

Using a combination of spray paint, school poster paint and collage, groups of school children have been staying after school to decorate the snow puppy.

Parent, pupils and PinkyReception teacher Meg Glyn-Wright said: “The painting of the snow puppy has been a real team effort and we love that every pupil has contributed. It’s been a great initiative to be a part of, not only because art is an important part of a child’s creative learning process, but it also means they can make their mark in the wider community.

“The project has particular significance for everyone at Middle Street School as one of our teaching assistants was looked after by the Martlets before she sadly passed away last year. It’s really good to be able to give something back in her memory.”

The Middle Street Primary School snow puppy has been sponsored by artrepublic, and will be part of our Snowdogs trail in September.

Middle Steet pupils' self-portraitsLawrence Alkin of artrepublic and dad to Miri, 5, who attends Middle Street Primary School, commented: “We felt a real connection with this project and had to be involved. Not only have several of the artists we work with had their designs chosen, we’ve also long been supporters of the Martlets; now we can take art back to the streets and do good for charity. Plus my daughter has been bugging me for a puppy for ages.”

Artist Luke Cooke (Pinky), who lives in Hove, hopes the Snowdog campaign will inspire young people to pursue their creative passions. He said: “It’s always positive when the children are able to explore and express their creativity; I hope by taking part in the trail more will be inspired to pursue art in later life. Working with the Martlets reminds me life can be short and everyone should do more of what they love.”

We couldn’t agree more!