Dog in a Pod

Brighton Belle, the colourful Snowdog who for the last six weeks has been delighting commuters at Victoria Station, was reunited with her seaside pack today. Trail goers will now be able to find Belle back in Brighton by the entrance of her proud sponsor – the British Airways i360.

To celebrate her homecoming, staff at the observation tower treated Belle to a bird’s eye view of the city, giving her a ticket for a 10am flight! She very much enjoyed the experience and has recommended the attraction to all of her Snowdog friends.

Eleanor Harris, Chief Executive the British Airways i360, said “Brighton Belle has done a wonderful job of encouraging Londoners to visit Brighton and explore the Snowdogs by the Sea public art trail. We’re thrilled that we could take a flight today with Belle in the pod to 138m high and that she is now spending the last three weeks of the trail standing proud at the beach level entrance to British Airways i360”.


Picture courtesy of British Airways i360