Fantastic Night For Snowdogs on Brighton Pier

Sealife Snowdog on Brighton PierOur Sponsors got their first glimpse of the amazing, creative designs submitted by artists at our Sponsor Selection Event generously hosted by, Brighton Pier, one of our Snowdog sponsors on Thursday 26th May. The sun shone as representatives from more than forty different organisations, as well as staff and trustees from Martlets, were able to view over 100 unique Snowdog designs before making the agonising decision about which one to choose.

Although sponsors now know which artist they’re working with, the design they have chosen is under strict embargo, in order to preserve the ‘wow’ factor when we unveil them in September.

Imelda Glackin and Sally Brighton at Snowdogs eventImelda Glackin, Martlets Hospice CEO said: “It was brilliant to have all of our Snowdog sponsors in one room and the atmosphere was electric as they got to see the amazing designs for the first time. It was wonderful seeing how enthusiastic our sponsors are about the campaign and their support for Martlets. We have been overwhelmed at how many organisations, businesses and celebrities have got behind us. One thing we did make difficult for them was how on earth to choose just one design, I really didn’t envy them that decision, and in fact, some sponsors are now thinking of having two snowdogs.”