Claudia, Winterlily’s new owner, told us how the Snowdog was fitting in with her new family:
“Lily now lives in our back garden, she has some tree shelter from the rain in winter months and catches the first rays of sun to shine in our garden. She looks into the house and our kitchen living area, she instantly felt as though she’d always been there.
The sea is at the bottom of our road so she has lovely sea air to enjoy, and the company of our two puggles who did bark at her at first but soon accepted she was bigger than them and the new top dog.
We believe she was meant to be with us, our children and two pet dogs in Hove. We LOVE Lily.
Winterlily and puggles

When I first heard about the Snowdogs auction I knew I wanted to place a bid to support Martlets Hospice after a close family friend had spent her final weeks there 1 year ago in January. I thought what a wonderful bonus it would be to get a beautiful Snowdog in return for a donation, if we were to be successful.

With our two young children, aged 3 & 7 years old, we visited the majority of dogs and had seen Winterlily proudly guarding the entrance to Queens Park, and thought how pretty she was.

It wasn’t until we took the children to see them all gathered at the Corn Exchange that we agreed Winterlily was one of the Snowdogs we would bid for.
I hadn’t considered how any of them would look living in the garden, and it wasn’t until winning Lily that I realised how perfectly she would fit in to the garden which is full of birds and always has our dogs running around in it!
I’d bought my mum a miniature Winterlily weeks before the auction as a Christmas present so on the auction night it felt as though she was supposed to be ours, and we won her with sheer delight.”
Winterlily in the GardenWinterlily in the garden side