Roodle Is Moving… About Twelve Feet!

Roodle is moving from his current home (or should that be kennel?) by the Brighton Dome Café all the way to the exotic doors of the Brighton Dome.

Unfortunately, the café is set to close at the end of October. Originally this meant that we’d have to find a new place for our pup, but thankfully the brilliant team at the Brighton Dome have agreed to look after him! Specifically, it has been agreed that Roodle will be moving to the doors of the building and will be available to pet during business hours seven days a week.

Our fluffy pup will remain in his current home until October 29th. Then, during the dead of night, our trusted cadre of Snowdog trainers and vets will coax him over to his new spot. We’re very happy with our dog’s new digs, and, as can be seen below, he is too!