Say Hello to Our Shy Snowpup

Despite looking quite magnificent, Sid the Snowpup, pictured below in his full glory, was a little bit shy and didn’t want to join his siblings when we launched the Snowdog Trail. However, after showing him some of the lovely responses we’ve had via Twitter, Facebook, and other modern mediums which Snowpups find beguiling, he’s finally decided to join his brothers and sisters! Specifically, Sid is now living at Hove Museum with four of his siblings.

The apawable Snowpup was designed by Saltdean Primary students Maddy Reeve (Year 6) and Liana Derby (Year 3). This is what they had to say about him: “Sid the Snowdog came on holiday to sunny Saltdean by the sea. He swam in the sea, he looked over our beautiful white cliffs and sunbathed by the beach huts. He was astonished by the fabulous children who played alongside him in their red and grey school uniforms. How lucky he was to visit sunny Saltdean.”



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