The Saltroom Restaurant Helps Keep Snowdog Trail Makers Warm this winter

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate

Brighton restaurant The Saltroom has become the latest local organisation to sponsor the extraordinary Snowdogs by the Sea art trail. Launched in September, 44 individually designed giant Snowdogs sculptures have appeared around Brighton & Hove to form an interactive art trail.  

Thousands of people have flocked to visit the dogs, and inspired by the success of the Games Makers at the Olympics, Snowdogs organisers have recruited a team of 25 volunteer trail makers. The team of volunteers have been helping visitors navigate the trail and discover the stories behind the wonderful Snowdog sculptures. The trail makers have been sponsored by the renowned Saltroom restaurant, who’ve made sure they’re provided with stylish fleeces, hats and bags to keep them warm while they’re working on the trail. 

Razak Helalat from the Saltroom said: As a Brighton resident and the owner of two Brighton restaurants I work hard to give back to the community. When we met with Martlets and heard the plans for the Snowdogs the decision was simple, we had to be involved. The work that the Martlets does adds so much to so many people.

Personally I have been overwhelmed by the professionalism of the fundraising campaign as well as the instant success of the Snowdogs (we all have the app and are competing to collect all the Snowdogs). We are delighted that the team of Trailmakers are an integral part of assisting the Martlets team and look forward to this sponsorship being the start of a long relationship with Martlets. If you’re on the trail and need a recharge do pop into The Salt Room where we have a special “Trailmakers Sour” cocktail created just for the Snowdogs where we are donating £1.00 from each cocktail sold.” 

The trail makers team work from Thursday – Sunday each week, in just a couple of weeks they’ve already helped thousands of people. They’ve been inspired by the amazing level of enthusiasm the trail has generated. 

Teresa Speary is one of the team of trail makers, she said“It’s such a privilege to be able to talk to so many about the why these lovely dogs are there and to talk about the Martlets, and the majority of people know of the hospice or have been helped at some time in their lives by the Martlets.  


One lady that we met said that she had lived all her life in Brighton and never known anything to bring a community together as the Snowdogs had. It is great to see it being such a success and bringing pleasure to so many people.”  

The Snowdogs by the Sea team are on the lookout for volunteers to join the team of trail makers, if you’re interested in joining the team contact